White Marble Samsung Case


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White Marble Samsung Cover

White Marble Samsung-case


Precision machined to fit all Samsung models perfectly with quick access to buttons, ports etc.  A seamless fit ensures your phone is protected at its most vulnerable parts including corners, lip and buttons. 

  • Fit for Samsung: i Galaxy S7 | Galaxy S8 | Galaxy S8+ | Galaxy S9 | Galaxy S9 + | Galaxy S10 | Galaxy S10+ | Samsung A40 | Samsung A50 | Samsung A50 | Samsung J6 | Samsung J8 | Samsung S20 | Samsung S20 + | Samsung S20 Ultra |
  • One-of-a-kind, limited edition phone case
  • Durable protection Poly-carbonate material offers shockproof protection

Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra


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