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iPHONE 12 Pro Case

iPhone 12 Pro Covers

Unique, custom and protective cases

The iPhone 12 Pro is the latest in greatest in Apples long line of smartphones so it’s no surprise its also very expensive. So, unless you like to live dangerously, you’re going to need a good protective case to avoid a hefty bill. Not just any old case though, you need a stylish work of art that compliments your iPhone 12 Pro. You need CaseFace. 

Case Features

Raised Bezels

Protect your whole phone; our covers have raisd bezels that protect the front and the back.

Scratch Resistant

Our designs do not scratch easily and thanks to our unique printing technology will not fade over time.

Slim Fitting

Our cases are ultra slim and ultra tough - no unneccasry bulk.

Popular Designs

iPHONE 12 Pro Case
Poseidon iPhone 12 Pro Case

Loose yourself in the blue hues of the Poseidon iPhone case.  Rich, deep blues and inky blacks give this cover an ultra premium and exciting finish. 

Golden Waves-iPhone Case
Emerald Gold OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Add a touch of luxury to your iPhone 12 Pro with stunning abstract gold swirls atop a green agate background. 

Solid Case
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This is a fantastic iPhone case. I ordered the hard case which feels really sturdy It is very rounded and smooth also and the edges are nice and smooth The holes and buttons line up perfectly as well, and the case snaps on to the phone easily and is easy to remove.
Great protection
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Great protection for my iPhone 11 Pro. When I get a new phone I usually buy a lot of cases - guilty pleasure. I bought the golden waves case and its my favorite to date. It looks really classy and feels really protective.

Our Snap Cases

Our snap cases ensure your phone will always look it s best. Snaps on easy, looks great and allows you easy access to all the buttons and ports on your iPhone 12 Pro. 

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