Violet Silicone iPhone 12 Case


Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Black
Features: Anti-scratch, Impact resistant, Added Grip, Wireless charging

Fit: iPhone 12


Liquid Silicone iPhone 12 Case

Experience unparalleled protection and luxury with the liquid silicone iPhone 13 case. This case has been meticulously crafted with a silky smooth texture that feels buttery soft to the touch. It adds a touch of luxury to your iPhone while ensuring your device remains in pristine condition, regardless of daily wear and tear.

Our protective case is manufactured using high-quality, shock-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material. This provides superior protection, safeguarding all corners and surfaces of your phone, from the vulnerable screen to the precision-crafted camera. With this case, you can rest assured that your iPhone 13 will remain protected from accidental drops, scratches, and bumps.

The thoughtful design also incorporates non-slip features into the material. This ensures a more secure grip, dramatically reducing the likelihood of your phone slipping from your hand or accidentally falling out of your pocket. This case’s reliable grip will give you the peace of mind you need when handling your phone in precarious situations.

Key Features:

✅ Compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro Models: Specifically designed to perfectly fit and protect your iPhone 12
✅ Full Coverage: Offers total, all-around protection, ensuring no part of your iPhone 13 remains exposed or vulnerable.
✅ Shock Absorbing Silicone: Made from shock-resistant TPU material that cushions your phone against the impact from accidental drops and knocks.
✅ Ultra-Slim Design: Despite its robust protection, the case boasts a slim build that preserves the original aesthetic of your phone. It adds minimal bulk, allowing your iPhone 13’s sleek design to shine through.

Additional information

Device Model

Apple iPhone 12


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