OnePlus Nord 2T Wallet Case


Material: PU Leather / Polyester
Colour: Black
Fit: OnePlus Nord 2T

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✅Made from a premium, ultra-durable PU leather material, this OnePlus Nord 2T Wallet case easily protects your phone from accidental damage. With full coverage extending to the screen, camera, back and sides, your phone will be safe with this case.

✅Eliminate the need for a bulky wallet; this case provides card and cash slots so you can ditch the wallet and keep all your most valuable assets safe in one place.

✅ On the go viewing: Switch to a horizontal position and fold over the case to create a convenient viewing platform for watching videos on the go.

✅ Secure closure: This case features a magnetic clasp which ensures your wallet stays secure at all times.

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OnePlus Nord 2T Cases


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