iPhone 12 Symmetry Case Yellow


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Tempered Glass Screen Protector (+€6.99)
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Compatible With:
iPhone 12
Drop Height:
2.5 meters
0.08 lbs | 35.08 g
Synthetic rubber
Wireless charging: Yes


symmetry case spec

Dual-layer construction


The Symmetry case features a unique dual-layer design comprising of a cushioned inner layer for shock absorption and a sturdy outer shell for impact resistance. As a result, this case is capable of withstanding drops of up to 2.5 meters, providing exceptional protection for your device.

Up to 2.5 meters


Through rigorous quality and durability assessments, the Symmetry case has proven its ability to meet and surpass stringent standards. This guarantees the safety of your phone, even when accidentally dropped from heights of up to 2.5 meters.

symmetry drop plus
Symmetry-case-materials copy

Earth Friendly


The Symmetry case is made from partially recycled materials ensuring your case isn’t just good for your phone, it’s good for the environment too.

for all occasions

symmetry case colours

The symmetry case case seamlessly combines style and safety, featuring a sleek matte black finish that emanates sophistication. Not only does this ultra-slim case look good, but it is also engineered to safeguard your phone against drops, impacts, and scratches, ensuring its impeccable condition.

Constructed from durable polycarbonate and TPU materials, the Symmetry case provides reliable defense against everyday accidents. The unique dual-layer design absorbs shock from unexpected drops, effortlessly securing your device. Worries about phone damage from accidental slips are now a thing of the past with the Symmetry case.

Moreover, the Symmetry case features raised borders that lift your screen and camera above flat surfaces, safeguarding them against potential scuffs or fractures. With this thoughtful feature, you can confidently place your phone anywhere without the fear of unintentional damage.

But the Symmetry case doesn’t only excel in protection; it also prioritizes convenience. Its user-friendly design allows for easy installation and removal, facilitating quick style swaps. Precise cutouts ensure that all buttons, ports, and controls are easily accessible, enabling unrestricted use of your phone’s features. Additionally, the slim structure of the case maintains your phone’s sleek look and ensures a comfortable grip or pocket storage.

The Symmetry case is also compatible with wireless charging, eliminating the need to remove the case every time your phone needs power. Simply place your phone on a wireless charging pad, and it will seamlessly charge, simplifying the charging process.

In summary, the Symmetry case effortlessly merges aesthetics with robust protection. Its stylish matte black finish adds an element of refinement, while its sturdy build shields your phone from daily knocks and scrapes. Whether you prioritize style or phone security, the Symmetry case excels in both. Elevate your smartphone experience with the unparalleled protection offered by the Symmetry case.

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Apple iPhone 12


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