iPhone 12 Symmetry Case


Space Grey
Tempered Glass Screen Protector (+€6.99)
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Compatible With:
iPhone 12
Drop Height:
2.5 meters
0.08 lbs | 35.08 g
Synthetic rubber
Wireless charging: yes


symmetry case spec

Raised Camera & Screen Bezels


Get full body coverage with the symmetry series. Raised bezels protect the screen and camera for 360 degree coverage. 

Up to 2.5 meters


The Symmetry case has passed tough quality and durability tests, so you can be confident that your phone is well-protected, even from drops as high as 2.5 meters.

symmetry drop plus
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Earth Friendly


The Symmetry case is made from partially recycled materials ensuring your case isn’t just good for your phone, it’s good for the environment too.

Meet the Symmetry case, specially designed for the iPhone 12 to provide the ultimate smartphone experience. It combines style with protection thanks to its sleek black look that gives your phone a classy edge. But it’s not just pretty—it’s also built to guard your phone against drops, hits, and scratches, helping it stay in perfect condition.

The case is made from strong polycarbonate and TPU, ensuring reliable protection against everyday wear and tear. It absorbs the shock from accidental drops, keeping your device safe from harm. So, no more panicking when your phone slips out of your hands—the Symmetry case has got it protected.

Aside from protecting your phone, the Symmetry case features a raised edge design that keeps your screen and camera lifted above flat surfaces, avoiding potential scratches or cracks. Now you can set your phone down without fear of accidental damage.

But it’s not just about safety—the Symmetry case is also designed for easy use. It’s simple to put on or take off, letting you change your style quickly. Precise cutouts ensure all buttons, ports, and controls are easily accessible, meaning you can enjoy all your phones features without trouble. The slim design of the case means your phone stays sleek and comfortable to hold or keep in your pocket.

Another key feature of the Symmetry case is that it works with wireless charging. No need to take off the case every time you need to charge. Just put your phone on a wireless charging pad, and it’ll power up easily, making charging a breeze.

In short, the Symmetry case is a fantastic mix of style and protection. Its matte black finish adds a touch of class, and its strong build protects your phone from daily knocks and scratches. Whether you care about style or safety, the Symmetry case won’t disappoint. Upgrade your smartphone experience with the top-notch protection provided by the Symmetry case.

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Apple iPhone 12


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