Eco Friendly iPhone 13 Case Blue



Model: Eco Case
Compatibility: iPhone 13
Material: PBAT, PLA, wheat fiber

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Blue Eco-Friendly iPhone 13 Case

✅ Earth friendly: The CaseFace Eco case is made from flax straw materials which are fully biodegradable, sustainable and have extremely low carbon footprint. When you’re finished with your case simply toss it on the compost heap and let nature take it’s course.

✅ Comprehensive Protection: The main phone function of any phone case is to protection your phone from daily damage. Our eco case has been rigorously tested to ensure it not only looks great but protects your phone from scratches, impact and all other types of damage.

✅ Extra Grip profile: Soft, flexible and a providing just the right amount of grip, this case feels amazing to the touch

✅ Finished in a stunning Blue colourway.

Additional information

Device Model

Apple iPhone 13



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