Eco Friendly iPhone 12 Case Blue

Original price was: €19.99.Current price is: €14.99.

Model: Eco Case
Compatibility: iPhone 12/iphone 12 Pro
Material: PBAT, PLA, wheat fiber

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Blue Eco-Friendly iPhone 12 Case

✅ Earth friendly: Protect your phone with the power of plants. The CaseFace Eco case for iPhone 12 completely biodegradable and made using plant-based materials. Made from a flax and biopolymer blend, this case provides all the protection you need, for your phone and the planet.

✅ Comprehensive Protection: Durable shock proof drop protection rated to 5 feet protects your iPhone 12 from impact and drop damage while our bolstered camera module ensures your camera lens stay safe. The entire frame also has slight raised edges which protect the screen also.

✅ Supports wireless charging: Our eco case is compatible with wireless chargers but is not magsafe compatible.

✅ Blue Colour.

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Apple iPhone 12



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