Dreamcatcher iPhone 13 Pro Case



Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Semi-transparent
Features: Anti-scratch, 6 feet drop tested, Non-toxic printing, Anti-Yellowing, Bumper

Fit: iPhone 13 Pro

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Dreamcatcher iPhone 13 Pro Cover

Smashing your phone is truly the stuff of nightmares; ensure you’re never in this position with the Dreamcatcher iPhone 13 Pro case. Featuring a stunning Dream-catcher print, this case is a stunning example.

Lets face it, most of us rarely leave the house without our phones these days and unfortunately, this exposes them to a whole host of dangers. Worry not, however, the Dreamcatcher case doesn’t just look good, it’s packs serious protection too. Featuring a rugged design that ensures your phone is covered from all angles, this cover has slim, protective bumpers that protect the corners and camera and offer drop protection of 6 feet. Unlike a lot of traditional clear cases, this case has been coated with a special compound which prevents premature yellowing so your phone and case look better for longer.

✔️ Fits iPhone Models: iPhone 13 Pro
✔️ Crystal Clear Clarity
✔️ Full Protection: Precision fit for maximum protection
✔️ Air Cushioned Corners
✔️ 6 foot drop protection
✔️ Unique Print

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Device Model

Apple iPhone 13 Pro


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