Crystal Series OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite Case


Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Clear / Transparent
Fit: OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite


Ultra Clear OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite Cover

Wave goodbye to unwanted scuffs, fingerprint marks, stubborn dirt, pesky dust, and the occasional dings. Introducing our Crystal series case, specifically designed for the iPhone 14, your precious device will continually emanate a factory-fresh aura. There’s no need to hide the stylish charm of your latest smartphone. Instead, let it take center stage while it simultaneously maintains an immaculate appearance, all thanks to the embedded anti-yellowing coating on the case.

This cost-effective case is a sensible choice that protects without breaking the bank. And for those worried about the case’s longevity, fret not. Thanks to its long-lasting clarity, your device will always appear brand-new, and the case itself will continue to look pristine for a long time.

The case uses anti-yellowing materials that help to retain its transparency over time, preventing discoloration and ensuring your case looks fresh and clear for longer. Also, its anti-slip design ensures a secure, comfortable grip on your device, preventing unfortunate drops and slips.

All these elements combined create a phone case that’s not just protective but also adds an aesthetic touch to your device. From its clear design showcasing your phone to its durable and anti-yellowing nature, this case truly shines as the perfect companion for your smartphone.

✅ Fits OnePlus Nord CE3 lite
✅ Ultra clear flexible design
✅ Long-lasting clarity
✅ Anti-yellowing materials help keep your case looking clearer for longer
✅ Anti-slip design

Additional information

Device Model

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite


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