Tiger Stripe Samsung A13 Case


Material: TPU / Silicone
Colour: Black / Green / Gold
Print: Back print W/ Black bumpers
Finish: Glossy

Fit: Samsung Galaxy A13


Tiger Stripe Samsung Galaxy A13 Case

Stand out from the crowd with our stunning Samsung A12 phone case. The green marble design is both elegant and unique, while the intersecting gold stripes add a touch of luxury. Protect your phone in style and make a statement with this one-of-a-kind phone case.

Made with a dual layer of protection, this case features a tough backplate made of hard polycarbonate material and a soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper that absorbs shock and impact. The raised bezels on the front and back of the case provide added protection for your screen and camera.

The green marble pattern features a mix of rich green hues, with swirling and veining that resembles natural marble. The pattern is accented with gold flecks that add a touch of luxury and glamour. The flecks are scattered throughout the design, catching the light and adding depth to the overall look. This pattern is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their phone case, as it is unique, elegant and sophisticated.

✅ Fits Samsung A13 (4g Aand 5g Models available)
✅ Slim, lightweight case
✅ Flexible Black frame with rigid backplate
✅ Scratch-Resistant Finish
✅ Ultra slim profile

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