Midnight Floral iPhone 12 Case


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Midnight Floral Cover

If you like funy designs, this is the case for you. Brimming with more energy than a kaleidoscopic disco ball, the Midnight Floral case features brilliant blues, oranges, and pinks swirling amidst funky navy patterns. It’s chic, yet not overbearing. Picture this: the Midnight Color Splash case, with its cool retro essence, is your passport to a celebration of color and a daring style declaration.

If you harbor a fondness for the peace-and-love days of the 70s or the neon gleam of the 80s, this case is set to become your vibrant new confidant. It’s audacious, attractive, and slightly eccentric – the quintessential abstract accessory. Release your internal Picasso and let your penchant for color radiate through this dynamic retro case.

Life on the wild side can be a treacherous path for your phone! But, worry not, chic individual! With Casely’s robust standards, you can keep on grooving fearlessly! Bid “farewell” to scratches, “goodbye” to cracks, and “adios” to damages. Your phone’s safety is assured with sturdy protection, a 1mm elevated edge, and cushioning air pockets for impact absorption.

Our cases offer your phone a “Superman-like” treatment – supremely durable on the inside, supremely trendy on the outside. You can confidently wager your bell-bottoms that Midnight Color Splash is no exception!

✅ Displays a rich and vivid sublimation print.
✅ Features a high-gloss finish that’s immune to scratches.
✅ Comes with anti-dust, anti-dirt, and anti-fingerprint properties.
✅ Fashionable and easy to carry around.

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