Cotton Candy Melt Samsung Case


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Cotton Candy Samsung Phone Cover

Cotton Candy Melt Samsung Case

This case looks so good you can almost taste it

Few things have the power to take you right back to your childhood quite like cotton candy, that fantastic, light and fluffy, oh-so-sweet treat of your youth. This cotton-candy colour phone case will transport you back to simpler times full of laughter, sugar and sunshine each time you use your phone 

Don’t be fooled by it’s apperance, this case is as tough as they come

  • Available for Samsung S7/S7Edge S8/S8+  S9/S9+  S10/S10+
  • One-of-a-kind, limited edition phone case
  • Durable protective hard plastic case to protect your phone
  • Ultimate protection keeps your pride and joy looking great

Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 +, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+

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