Autumn Hues iPhone 12 Pro Max Case


Tempered Glass Screen Protector (+€6.99)
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Material: Polycarbonate
Format: Rigid Plastic / TPU
Protection level: Medium
Screen Bezel: Yes
Camera Bezel: Yes
Fit:Samsung iPhone 12 Pro Max
Wireless Charging: No

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Autumn Hues Cover

Enjoy the enchanting essence of autumn all year round with this stunning phone case. This unique design offers a direct gateway to the mesmerizing beauty of fall and bringing those delightful moments of crunching leaves right to your device.

Key Features:

Autumn Aesthetics: Treat your eyes to high-definition graphics of fall foliage, showcasing a vibrant palette ranging from blazing reds to sun-kissed yellows. Your phone will feel like it’s wrapped in a cozy autumn leaf shawl!

Premium Protection: Crafted with top-quality polycarbonate, this case acts as your phone’s knight in shining armor. Daily scrapes and scratches become a thing of the past, ensuring your phone maintains its pristine appearance. Surrounded by a robust black bumper for even further protection

Sleek & Stylish: Provides optimal protection without adding bulk. Imagine your phone undergoing a sleek fitness transformation!

Tailored for iPhone 12 Pro Max: This case is exclusively designed to perfectly fit your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Give your iPhone 12 Pro Max the warm embrace of the season. Whether you’re daydreaming about carpets of colorful leaves, enjoying pumpkin lattes, or simply embracing the autumn spirit, our “Autumn Hues” Case is the ultimate fall companion your device has been longing for.

✅ Embrace Autumn-Inspired Elegance
✅ Enjoy Superior Sturdiness
✅ Benefit from Resilient Rubber Rims
✅ Navigate, Engage, and Enjoy with Ease
✅ Designed to Endure, Echoing Your Love for Fall
✅ Each Case is a Tribute to the Beauty of Nature

Dive deep into the fusion of protection and aesthetics with the “Autumn Symphony” Phone Case!

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