Ying Yang Samsung A54 Case


Screen Protector (+€6.99)
Popsocket (+€4.99)
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Material: TPU / Silicone
Colour: Black / White
Print: Back print W/ Black bumpers
Finish: Glossy

Fit: Samsung Galaxy A54


Ying Yang Marble Samsung Galaxy A54 Case

Introducing the perfect balance of style and protection for your Samsung A53: the Black and White Marble case! This sophisticated and eye-catching accessory boasts a mesmerizing black and white marble design that will instantly elevate your phone’s aesthetic. It’s time to make a statement while keeping your beloved device safe and sound.

Crafted with precision, the Black and White Marble case features a combination of a hard polycarbonate frame and a soft TPU bumper, offering dual-layer protection for your Samsung A53. The robust polycarbonate frame serves as a sturdy shield against potential impacts, while the soft TPU bumper provides a comfortable grip, ensuring your phone is easy to hold and handle in various situations.

The meticulously designed case fits your Samsung A53 seamlessly, with accurately positioned cutouts that grant you uninterrupted access to all buttons, ports, and cameras. With this case, your phone’s functionality remains uncompromised, allowing you to continue using your device with ease and confidence.

Protection doesn’t stop there; the Black and White Marble case is also engineered with raised edges around the camera and screen. These raised bezels act as a barrier against scratches and damage, ensuring your phone’s essential features remain pristine and ready for action.

In addition to its top-notch protection, the Black and White Marble case showcases an elegant design that is bound to turn heads. The black and white marble pattern exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, making your Samsung A53 not just a device, but a fashion statement as well. Prepare for admiring looks and compliments as you carry your phone with grace and style.

The Black and White Marble case is specifically designed for the Samsung A53, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless integration with your device. Experience the harmony of fashion and protection in a single, stunning package.

In summary, the Black and White Marble case offers the following key features for your Samsung A53:

✅ Eye-catching black and white marble design for a luxurious and sophisticated look
✅ Hard polycarbonate frame and soft TPU bumper for dual-layer protection
✅ Precisely positioned cutouts for uninterrupted access to buttons, ports, and cameras
✅ Raised edges to guard against scratches and damage to the camera and screen
✅ Impeccable fit and integration with the Samsung A53 for a seamless user experience

With its captivating design, solid protection, and perfect fit, the Black and White Marble case is the ultimate companion for your Samsung A53. Embrace elegance and safety in one extraordinary accessory, and let your phone stand out in a crowd. Don’t wait; elevate your Samsung A53 experience with the Black and White Marble case today!

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