Ying Yang Marble OnePlus Nord 2 Case


Material: TPU / Silicone
Colour: Black / White
Print: Back print W/ Black bumpers
Finish: Glossy

Fit: OnePlus Nord 2


Ying Yang OnePlus Nord 2 Case

Get a unique and eye-catching look for your OnePlus Nord 2 with the Ying Yang marble case. This case features a unique two-tone black and white marble design, with the top half of the case displaying a sleek black marble pattern and the bottom half showcasing a pure white elegantmarble pattern. The result is a visually stunning design

The case is made from high-quality materials, including a TPU frame and a polycarbonate back. The TPU frame provides a soft and flexible feel while also being durable enough to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. The polycarbonate back, on the other hand, is tough and resistant to scratches, ensuring that your phone remains in pristine condition.

The case is specifically designed to fit the OnePlus Nord 2, ensuring a perfect fit and easy access to all of the phone’s buttons and ports. The precise cutouts provide easy access to the camera, charging port, speakers, and buttons, allowing you to use all of the phone’s features without having to remove the case.

The case also provides a raised bezel around the screen and camera, which will protect your phone from scratches and drops. The raised bezel also allows you to place your phone face down without the screen or camera coming into contact with any surfaces.

In addition to its protective features, the case is also easy to clean. The smooth surface of the case is easy to wipe clean, and the case is also resistant to dust, dirt, and other debris.

Overall, the Ying-Yang marble Case is a stylish and practical choice for anyone looking to protect their device while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. With its unique design, durable materials, and precise cutouts, this case is the perfect way to keep your phone looking great while also keeping it protected. Order yours today and experience the best of both worlds!

✅ Compatible: OnePlus Nord 2
✅ Dual-layer design
✅ Flexible Black frame with rigid backplate
✅ Scratch-Resistant Finish
✅ Ultra slim profile

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