Liquid Silicone Samsung S20 Case


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Long lasting protection

Our soft silicone cases are made from a special TPU blend  which makes it extremley flexible and extremly tough provinding your Samsung Galaxy S20 with long-lasting protection. 

Front and back protection

This case design features a slight lip which protrudes above the screen preventing the screen from coming directly into contact with any surface should it fall flat. 

Extra grip

This case has a lovely soft feel soft texture which makes for a pleasant experience when handling your S20. This material also has the added benefit of being extremely grippy, so the phone is unlikely to slip out of your hand even under the most challenging conditions. 

Slim Design

The Soft Silicone Case has a slim design so as to compliment the design of the S20. Lightweight and strong, this is the only case you’ll need to keep your phone protected and looking fantastic

  • Available for Samsung S20, S20 Ultra, S20 Plus
  • Durable protective Shock absorbent TPU protects your phone
  • Slim design keeps your device looking great

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra


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