Onyx Snow Samsung A04s Case


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Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: White Marble Print
Features: Shock-absorbing materials, Customisable Design, Enhanced Grip
Fit: Samsung Galaxy A04s


Onyx Snow Personalized Galaxy A04S Case

Hunting for a phone case that’s the perfect blend of posh and secure? Your search ends here – we present the ultimate shield for your treasured device! Introducing the White Marble case, expertly crafted to keep your phone pristine while turning heads. With an impressive 1.5-meter drop rating, you can confidently strut your stuff, knowing your phone is cozy and protected.

But that’s not all! The White Marble case features a customizable name tag to truly make it your own. Display your name or initials, or gift this gem to someone special, declaring, “This was tailored just for you!”

The case’s white TPU frame and robust polycarbonate back offer a sleek, lightweight profile that’s an absolute pleasure to hold. Meticulously designed cutouts provide unhindered access to buttons, ports, and cameras, ensuring your phone remains your reliable companion. The raised edges around the camera and screen bid farewell to scratches and damage, offering an additional layer of defense.

Now, let’s unveil the showstopper – the captivating White Marble design! Graced with a striking white marble pattern, this case turns your phone into a chic, portable work of art. Get ready for admiring stares and a shower of compliments as you make a grand entrance with this stunner in hand.

In essence, the White Marble case is the Samsung A13’s perfect match, harmoniously fusing style and protection in a single, magnificent package. With its personalized name tag, sophisticated design, and jaw-dropping white marble pattern, you and this case will be joined at the hip. So, go ahead, seize the day and make the White Marble case yours today!

Focusing on the case’s protective qualities, it’s important to mention the fusion of materials it employs. The white TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) frame is not only lightweight but also remarkably flexible, providing excellent shock absorption for those inevitable bumps and drops. Meanwhile, the hard polycarbonate back serves as a sturdy armor, preventing dents and cracks from reaching your phone. This dynamic duo of materials creates a robust barrier, safeguarding your device from daily wear and tear.

In addition to the case’s material composition, its precision-engineered design deserves praise. The raised edges surrounding the camera and screen act as a buffer, protecting these vulnerable areas from direct impact and scratches when placed on flat surfaces. This detail ensures your phone’s delicate features remain unblemished, so you can continue snapping photos and browsing without a hitch.

Overall, the White Marble case goes above and beyond in delivering top-notch protection for your Samsung A04s without compromising on style.

✅ Fits Samsung A04s
✅ Unique Customisable Design
✅ Full Protection: Raised lips protect the phones most vulnerable parts
✅ Ultra-slim form enhances the A13 Design
✅ Easy Access: Quick access to camera, headphone jack, and charging ports.
✅ Textured finish for added grip

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