iPhone XS Max 360 Cover Case


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– Slim, lightweight design
– Complete coverage of phone body
– Complete access to all ports


-Material: PC
-Fit for: iPhone XS Max
-Colour: Black/Blue/Red/Pink
-Weight: 30g

Package Included:

1 x iPhone XS Max Full Coverage Case

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Full 360 Degree Cover for iPhone XS Max

Let’s face it, iPhones are fragile. Despite Apple throwing around words like “aerospace grade aluminium” and “reinforced sapphire glass”, chances are if you drop your iPhone XS Max from any notable height – it’s going to get damaged.

Introducing the iPhone XS Max 360 cover case – Protect your pride and joy while simultaneously improving the already gorgeous aesthetics. This rugged case promises to protect your phone from all types of damage without unnecessary bulk





Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Gold


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