Cloudy Skies iPhone X Case



Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Semi-transparent
Features: Anti-scratch, Drop tested, Non-toxic printing, Anti-Yellowing

Fit: iPhone X


Cloudy Skies iPhone X Phone Cover

With a super slick all glass body, the iPhone X sure looks great but unfortunately, it is also extremely fragile. Get some seriour protection for your iPhone X with the Cloud Skies phone case. Drop tested to 6 foot, this rugged case can handle anything life throws at your precious phone. A stunning 3D cloud print gives this phone case a really unique look blending with and enhancing your phone natural colors.

✔️ Fits iPhone Models: iPhone X
✔️ Full Protection: Precision fit for maximum protection
✔️ Air Cushioned Corners
✔️ 6 foot drop protection
✔️ Ultra-Slim: Slim build keeps the original phone’s aesthetic.

Additional information

Device Model

Apple iPhone X


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