Cloudy Skies iPhone 12 Case



Material: TPU (Flexible)
Colour: Semi-transparent
Features: Corner Bumpers, Air Cushion Technology, Raised Lips, Comprehensive Protection

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Cloudy Skies iPhone 12 Phone Cover

As phones get more expensive and repair prices continue to climb, it’s always a good idea to get your device some extra protection. Get yourself a case that provides the protection you need with a killer design that really enhances your iPhone 12.

A unique 3D cloud design enhances the look of your phone by seamlessly blending with your phones natural colour.  Manufactured using the highest quality silicone with HD clarity and drop protection of 6 feet, this case gives comprehensive protection as well as a stunning look.

✔️ Fits iPhone Models: iPhone 12
✔️ Full Protection: Precision fit for maximum protection inside and out
✔️ Air Cushioned Corners
✔️ 6 foot drop protection
✔️ Ultra-Slim: Slim build keeps the original phone’s aesthetic.

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Device Model

Apple iPhone 12


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