Black Marble Samsung S22 Plus Case


Material: Polycarbonate / Thermoplastic Urethane
Print: Sublimation, Back Print
Colour: Black / White
Finish: Glossy

Fit: Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus


Black Marble Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Cover

The Black Marble case for Samsung S22 Plus is delightfully slim, with the phone’s unique shape and contours all kept intact while adding a nice textured grip to the sides to help keep that slippery phone firmly where it belongs, in your hand. Made from flexible Black TPU, this case can withstand a beating absorbing impact and scratch damage easily.

If you want solid protection, style and extra grip for your phone, then look no further than the Black Marble Samsung S22 Plus

✅ Fits Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
✅ Durable Materials
✅ Flexible Black frame with rigid backplate
✅ Scratch-Resistant Finish
✅ Qi-standard wireless charging compatible

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