Black Marble Samsung S22 Case


Material: Polycarbonate / Thermoplastic Urethane
Print: Sublimation, Back Print
Colour: Black / White
Finish: Glossy

Fit: Samsung Galaxy S22


Black Marble Samsung Galaxy S22 Cover

While it’s relatively compact and easy to hold, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is still essentially a sandwich of metal and glass that can be destroyed with even the most minor impact. Dont become another static in the wastlenad of broken phones and slap a case on your Samsung S22 and keep it safe and free from damage. The Black Marble case is a highly protective case made from shock-absorbing TPU with a stunning complimentary Black marble print.

If you want solid protection, style and extra grip for your phone, then look no further than the Black Marble Samsung S22

✅ Fits Samsung Galaxy S22
✅ Durable Materials
✅ Flexible Black frame with rigid backplate
✅ Scratch-Resistant Finish
✅ Qi-standard wireless charging compatible

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