Samsung Galaxy A52 Cases

Our Samsung Galaxy A52 cases are designed for the public by the public. We take all our users feedback and suggestions to create the ultimate phone case collection.  From bare minimalism to wild custom designs, we’ve got a Galaxy A52 case for everyone. 

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Showing all 28 results

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  • Floral Initial iPhone 11 CaseFloral-Initial-Case

    Floral Initial

  • White Marble Monogram iPhone 12 Case
  • Amaranth Initial iPhone 12 CaseAmaranth-Initial-phone-Case
  • Floral Grace iPhone 11 caseFloral-Grace-Phone-Case

    Floral Grace

  • Handwritten Heart iphone 11 coverHandwritten-Heart-Case
  • Summer Serene iPhone 11 CaseSuimmer-Serene-Case

    Summer Serene

  • La Moda iphone 12 casela-moda--phone-case
  • Onyx Snow iPhone 11 CaseOnyx-Snow-phone-Cover
  • Arctiv Initial iPhone 12 CaseArctiv-Initial-phone-Case
  • pink skull iphone 12 casePink-Skull-Phone-Cover

    Pink Skull Case

  • Silk Initial iphone 12 casephone-case
  • Balloon Custom iPhone 12 Casephone-case
  • Interstellar Custom iPhone 12 CaseInterstellar-Custom-Phone-Cover
  • Midnight Sky iPhone 12 CaseMidnight-Sky-Case
  • Moonlight Quote iPhone 12 CaseMoonlight-Quote-Casse
  • Mono Paisley iPhone 12 caseMono-Paisley-Phone-Case
  • pastel forest iphone 12 casePastel-Forest-iphone-case
  • Velvet Dusk iPhone 12 caseVelvet-Dusk-Phone-Case
  • Custom Album iPhone 11 caseAlbum-Cover-Phone-Cover
  • Dragon Tears iPhone 12 CaseDragon-Tears-Case
  • Snow Initials iphone 12 casesnow-initials-case
  • Noir Leopard iphone 12 caseNoir-Leopard-iphone-Case
  • Wildflower iphone 12 caseWildflower-phone-case
  • Anthea Initial iphone 12 caseAnthea-Initial-Case
  • Sunflower Initial iPhone 12 Casesunflower-case
  • Liquid Silicone iPhone 11 case- BlackLiquid-Silicone-Case

    Liquid Silicone

  • Floral Initial iPhone 11 CaseFloral-Initial-Case

Jasmin Queen Galaxy A52 Case

Samsung Galaxy A52 Phone COVERS

Keep your Galaxy A52 safe with a unique one-of-a-kind phone case. The A52 continues the beautiful design trend of the A51 with various improvements to the cameras, screen, and performance.  Keep your phone protect with one of our sleek and stunning custom-designed cases.


Raised Bezels

Get full coverage on your phone with our front raised bevels.

Scratch Resistant

Your design always looks fresh with our scratch-resistant materials

Slim Fitting

Our cases combine aesthetics with all the protective qualities a case needs so your phone looks great and stays protected,

Ultra Durable

Your phone is always protected - front and back - with our ultra-durable cases.

Floral Inital Galaxy A52 Case


Design your very own phone case, unique to you.  You can use your own designs to creat a custom piece just the way you want.


Floral Inital Galaxy A52 Case

The case is absolutely beautiful, It isn’t too thick but has decent protection, a little bit raised to protect the front screen and also camera in the back. Looks lovely with my Galaxy A52,


Absolutely amazing phone case, I’ve had this case for months now and I couldn’t be happier with it.  The design is stunning and looks as good as the day I bought it. Very happy. 


Floral Inital Galaxy A52 Case


Floral Inital Galaxy A52 Case
Floral Initial Galaxy A52 Case

Samsung Galaxy A52 Cases

Jasmin Queen Galaxy A52 Case
Marble Monogram A52 Case

Samsung Galaxy A52 Cases

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