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Samsung Galaxy A42 Case

Samsung Galaxy A42 Phone COVERS

If you have or plan on getting the Samsung A42, then you’re going to want to protect it. Luckily, we’ve got a wide range of cases and covers to help keep your Galaxy A42 safe.


Raised Bezels

Protecting the back is great but really, the screen is the most important part of your phone which is why our cases protect that too with our raised bezels.

Scratch Resistant

Our phone covers are scratch and fade resistant so your case design always looks fresh no matter what.

Slim Fitting

Our cases combine aesthetics with all the protective qualities a case needs so your phone looks great and stays protected,

Ultra Durable

Your phone is always protected - front and back - with our ultra-durable cases.

White Marble Samsung Galaxy A42 soft Case


Tired of the same old cases. Make it yours with one of our personalised Samsung A42  Cases. Add your name or initials or if you’re feeling really creative, design your very own phone case. 


Floral Inital Galaxy A42 Case

I love the look of this case. It’s a really unique design and it seems to protect the phone reasonably well. I’m happy with this purchase. 

Emily H

Phone case looks great. It was a present for my niece and I love how you can customise it with the persons name. 


Floral Inital Galaxy A42 Case


Floral Initial Galaxy A42 Case

Samsung Galaxy A42 Cases

A simple yet elegant case featuring a custom initial and script font that you can customise. 

Samsung A71 Personalised Cases
Marble Monogram A42 Case

Samsung Galaxy A42 Cases

Combining the elegance of marble with a unique customisable font makes for a truly stunning cover.

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