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Floral Shadow iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 Plus Covers

If you’ve purchases an iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll definitely want to protect your investment with a good protective case.  The unique metal body is prone to scratching and the large screen is known to splinter into a masterpiece of disaster at the slightest fall. 

Don’t be another statistic in the long line of shattered screens and broken dreams. Wrap your iPhone 7+ in one of our protective covers today to keep it fresh and looking amazing. 


Raised Bezels

The 7 Plus has an extra large screen so keep it protected with our unique cases which have raised bevels to protect the screen.

Scratch Resistant

Enhance the look of your phone with one of our stunning designs which are scratch and fade resistant.

Slim Fitting

iPhones are known for their slim profiles; keep the original profile with our slim fitting cases - no unnecessary bulk.

Ultra Durable

Your phone is always protected - front and back - with our ultra-durable cases.

iphone 8 plus phone covers


Tired of the same old cases. Make it yours with one of our personalised iPhone 7 Plus covers. 


iphone 8 plus cases

What a great case. I ordered it for my iphone 7plus in gold, the case looks amazing and protects the phone well. Anyone whos looking for a really unique case, I recommend you try here. 


I bought this case for my girlfriend, the flowers are very pretty and the case is sturdy and durable. My girlfriend loves the case.

Josh B

Blossom Initial iPhone 8 Case


Poseidon iphone 8 case
Memphis iPhone 7 Plus Case

The perfect companion for the 7+, the Poseidon case offers a mesmerising blend of ocean blues. Looks great and super protective

Amethyst Galaxy iPhone 8 case
Amethyst Galaxy iPhone 7 Plus Case

Visually stunning, Virtually indestructible, the Amethyst Galaxy is an amazing design featuring a range of purple swirls contrasting with gold flecks. 

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