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Do you need a case for the iPhone 13?

Each year, Apple touts their phones as bigger, better and stronger citing use of aerospace grade materials and shatter resistant glass. So with this in mind, do you really need a case for your phone? Absolutely, as much as Apple’s screens have improved over the years, they are still comically fragile. Even a drop from pocket height is enough to shatter the ceramic shield protected screen and leave you with an expensive repair. So take premptive ction and protect your phone with a CaseFace case before the damage is done.

Protection against Water Damage

Apple’s iPhone 13 does prevents water and dust from getting inside and damaging the internal components, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that water and dust won’t hurt the outer parts, such as the camera lens, body, and screen. However, water really isn’t a problem as long as it’s clean. Saltwater and pool chemicals might take a toll in the long run, if not rinsed off. While most glass can be scratched relatively easily, Apple uses sapphire glass over the camera lenses and has for several years. This is an expensive material but being impact and scratch-resistant makes it a perfect fit for camera protection. The body is stainless steel which is known to be very durable, even though light scratches can accumulate over time. The glass that protects the screen is Ceramic Shield, which is among the toughest around, equal or better than the best Gorilla Glass. It’s very hard to break but it still can be scratched, so a screen protector is worth considering for those that want to further guarantee protection of their new iPhone 13.

Get Your Case Personalised

At CaseFace, we love custom cases. Personalise your iPhone 13 case to match your personality. With our wide range of design options, its easy to create an amazing cover, perfect for you or for a gift. We’ve got so many choices, from simple, basic design to wild and wonderful designs that scream originality. Check out our range of personalised phone cases

Choose an background, animal print, custom letters, fonts and colurs, or upload a picture that you’re particularly fond of. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed satisfaction at CaseFace.

Add a PopSocket to Your iPhone 13

If you’re prone to dropping your phone, then why not add a PopSocket to get some extra grip. Perfect for taking selfies, reading or just everyday scrolling, a Pop grip gives your phone that little extra measure of safety.