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iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Unique, custom and protective cases

Protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max from knocks and scratches with one of the best phone cases money can buy. Picking up a good case is always a smart move when you buy a new phone and if your new phone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max then you will definitely need some solid protection. The pinnacle of Apple engineering, the 12 Pro Max is a high-spec phone with a price tag to match so avoid an expensive repair and protect it with CaseFace.

Case Features

Raised Bezels
Protect the front and back of your iPhone with our front raised bevels

Scratch Resistant
Your designs will look great the day you get your case and for years after.

Slim Fitting
Ultra-slim; ultra-tough. Get the protection you need without the bulk.

Popular Designs

Nightfall iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
This popular design features a black marble background with an elegant script monogram UV printed on a soft TPU case.

Firestorm iPhone 12 Pro Max Case
A blend of stunning fiery colors make this case an instant attention grabber. Fully sublimation printed on hard PC, this case is super protective.

Our Snap Cases
Protecting your phone is key, but protecting your phone adequately without sacrificing style can be tricky. Our snap cases are ultra-slim yet tough with bright vibrant prints so your phone will always look amazing and stay protected.

Our Prints
We use two different print methods for printing our custom iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Fully Printed (Sublimation Printed)

Our sublimation printed cases are printed onto hard (PC) cases. These designs cover the back and sides of the case and is a very bright, durable print.

Back Printed (UV Printed)

Our UV printed cases are printed on soft TPU cases with the back of the cases only printed. The sides of the cases of the case are unprinted and are available in white, black or clear options.

Please note, due to monitor resolutions, designs on screen may have slight color differences than the finished article.