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iPhone 12 cases

iPhone 12 Covers

Unique, custom and protective cases

Get the best custom cases for the iPhone 12 at CaseFace.  The iPhone brings Apple’s most drastic design change in many generations with a return to a more angular design similar to earlier iPhone models such as the iPhone 5. Like all Apple device’s the iPhone 12 is a premium phone at a premium price so you’ll need a premium case to keep it protected. We’ve got the hottest range of iPhone 12 covers to keep your device protected and looking great at all times. 

Case Features

Raised Bezels

Protect the front and back of your iPhone with our front raised bevels

Scratch Resistant

Your designs will look great the day you get your case and for years after.

Slim Fitting

Ultra slim; ultra tough. Get the protection you need without the bulk.

Popular Designs

iphone 12 phone covers
Goldmine iPhone 12 Case

Showcase the all-new redesigned chassis of the iPhone 12 with this half-transparent case. This slim TPU case provides full protection with a unique design.

Liquid Shimmer Phone 12 Case
Liquid Shimmer iPhone 12 Case

Part of our neutral collection, this case features stunning neutral tones with a unique hidden marble swirl overshadowed by a golden twist. 

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Really beautiful case. The quality of the marble print is outstanding and the profile is perfect to preserve your iPhone’s aesthetic
Cute Case
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Fast shipping, product as described. Really cute design

Our Snap Cases

No matter what style case you prefer, we have something to suit. Our premium iPhone 12 Snap cases are precision engineered for maximum protection within a slim profile. 


We have a number of different cover types available for the iPhone 12

Soft cases

Our soft TPU cases are ultra-slim protective cases with the case design printed on the back of the case.  If you want your design to extend to the sides of the case also, consider our snap cases. 


Our deluxe snap cases are available in a matte and glossy finish. These cases protect the sides and back of the phone without adding too much bulk. The designs for our snap cases cover the entire case, back and sides.  


Monogram cases are phone covers personalized with a persons name or initials. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your iPhone


We use two different print methods for printing our custom iPhone 12 Cases

Fully Printed (Sublimation Printed)

Our sublimation printed cases are printed onto hard (PC) cases. These designs cover the back and sides of the case and is a very bright, durable print. 

Back Printed (UV Printed)

Our UV printed cases are printed on soft TPU cases with the back of the cases only printed. The sides of the cases of the case are unprinted and are available in white, black or clear options. 

Please note, due to monitor resolutions, designs on screen may have slight color differences than the finished article. 

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