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Huawei P20 Pro Cases

Whether you’ve just picked up a brand spanking new Huawei P20 Pro, or you’ve been enjoying it since its launch back in 2018,  there is never a bad time to pick up a good case.

Like any glass bodied phone, the P20 Pro is extremely susceptible to those small, nicks, scratches and cracks that are ever so irritating.  Luckily a quality case can help prevent such damage and you don’t have to sacrifice the phones gorgeous aesthetics either. 

Choose style or function or a measure of both. One thing is a for sure, a good phone case is far better than a screen replacement. 


Choosing the right case for your Huawei P20 Pro

P20 Pro Flip Cases

With such a large screen, many choose to opt for a flip case for the P20 Pro as it offers full 360 degree protection for the phone. We have a number of different options including leather, faux leather and plastic. Many of our cases have convenient options such as transparent panels on the front for easy viewing of notifications, time, date etc.

Clear Cases

Because of the extraordinarily sleek design of the P20 pro, many choose to opt for a simple clear case to preserve the aesthetic of the phone but to add a layer of protection also. Always be sure to pair a clear case with screen protector for maximum effectiveness

Our top pick

This soft-touch case for the Our top pick for the P20 Pro is the Lovecom ultra protect, this soft finish case protects the entire phone body and screen when closed  making sure that you’ll avoid any accidental damage. It’s also got a translucent front panel which allows to see your phones notifications without opening the case.