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Personalised Phone Cases: A Buyers Guide


Custom and personalised phone cases have exploded in popularity in recent times. Custom phone cases can range from simple name-only designs to photo collages and everything in between.  So how do you create such a case? Well’ luckily we’ve made it easy. Read on to learn more about our personalised phone cases. 

Pre-designed Custom Cases

Pre-designed cases are pre-made editable templates that you can customise. These designs usually one or two design elements which you can customise. For example, the case may feature a customisable quote, or Initials.  It may have a decorative frame which you can fill with a photograph of your choice.  Editing these covers is as simple as filling in a field with text or uploading an image. The drawback with this method is the creative limit. Customers are usually limited to editing one or two elements of the design. If you’re looking for more flexibility, you may want consider designing your own case. 


Design Your Own Personalised Phone Cases

Designing your own phone case gives you complete creative freedom to design your phone case the way you want. You control every aspect of the design from the background image, to the text, colors, icons, shapes and more.  You can work with multiple layers to create a truly unique phone case. The downside with this method is that it does involve a bit of a learning curve. Thankfully, we’ve made our phone case designer simple to use so – technical or not – just about anybody can create a unique personalised phone cover


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