Heavy duty rugged phone cases

Phones are ever more stunning, functional and fragile. If you’re an adventurer, spend a lot of time outside or maybe just drop your phone a lot, then you need a heavy duty phone case. Our rough, tough rugged covers will protect your phone from all knocks, scrapes, bangs and scratches. 


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Benefits of a rugged phone case

Increased grip

Most rugged cases are made from rubber based compunds which offer extreme gripping power even in wet.


It's no longer a hard knock life. With a heavy duty cover, your phone will be well protected against any mishaps.


Most rugged cases offer waterproofing. Perfect for those days at the beach when your phone decides to go for a swim.

Scratch protection

Keep you phone as pristine as the day you bought it. A rugged case will completely protect against scratches.

Temperature Resistant

Ever had your phone shut down in extreme heat. A heavy duty cover can protect against overheating

Battery Charging

Many rugged cases can double up as a powerbank to give you extra juice when you need it most.

Need a different case?

Rugged cases not for you. Need something a little more subtle?  We’ve got what you need

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