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Will an iPhone 12 Case fit an iPhone 12 Pro

Will an iPhone 12 case Fit an iPhone 12 Pro We get constant enquires about the intercompaibilty of cases between different iPhone models and today we’re going to clarify wheterhr an iPhone 12 case will fit an iPhone 12. This is one of the rare occasions where we can say, Yes  the iPhone 12 case […]


iPhone 12 Cases Now Available at CaseFace

iPhone 12 Cases Now Available at CaseFace We’re delighted to announce we now have cases for the iPhone 12 in stock.  You can find cases for all four new iPhone 12 models below: iPhone 12 Mini Cases The smallest and most affordable model in the new iPhone range, the 5.4″ iPhone 12 mini offers excellent […]


Will A Huawei P30 Case Fit A P30 Lite

Will a Huawei P30 Case Fit The P30 Lite This is a question we get asked a lot so without any preamble, let’s close this case:  A Huawei P30 case will NOT fit a P30 lite nor a P30 pro.  Many manufacturers now release several iterations of each model every year – the P30 range […]

Galaxy Note 20 Cases

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases: First Pictures

NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 CASE RENDERS Recently Samsung have been plagued by leaks of their flagship Phablet, the Galaxy Note 20. And now, notorious leakster Ice Universe has dropped the latest set of renders from yet unknown case manufacturers.  The camera bumps clearly support the rumours that the Note 20 will use the S20 […]


Exclusive Look At The First iPhone 12 Cases In 3 Sizes

IPHONE 12 CASE LEAKS It’s official, we have just received our first iPhone 12 case renders. A recent leak from Gizmochina unveiled three brand new case prototypes.  The cases are in 3 different size formats suspected to match, the iPhone 12,  12 Plus and 12 Max. From the case renders we can conclude that all […]


Best Samsung Galaxy A70 Cases

The Samsung Galaxy A-series might not get quite as much love as their flagship counterparts but that’s certainly no reason to discount these feature-rich affordable smartphones. The Galaxy A70 is finished in a unique “Glasstic” material which is essentially ultra glossy plastic. This means a good Samsung Galaxy A70 Case is a must to avoid […]


The Rise of Sustainability. Top Eco-friendly phone cases for 2020.

The Smartphone has never been more popular. In the modern age, our phones have become an extension of self, we use them constantly to update, navigate and traverse the modern landscape. We check the traffic, monitor the weather and use GPS to make our way around.  According to an article published in  Tech World there […]