Carbon Fibre Phone Cases

Commonly found on the most exclusive supercars, planes and boats, Carbon Fibre is is a luxurious and durble material  that’s perfect for use as a phone case.  Carbon offers a lot of protection while offering an impossible slim profile. We stock a range of carbon prints, synthetic and genuine carbon fibre for all tastes and budgets.

Carbon Fibre Print Cases

Synthetic Carbon Fibre Cases

Genuine Carbon Fibre Cases


Paper Thin

With unique properties, carbon possesses extreme strength and a uniquely slim profile. Carbon is commonly used in military and luxury retail applications.​


If you need a sleek, ultra-thin case without sacrificing durability, then you need carbon. Carbon fibre offers terrific protection against drops and scratches without adding any bulk to your phone.


Experience the feel of the world's greatest most luxurious material engineering at the touch of your hands with our sleek, ultra-slim, high protection carbon fibre cases. 

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